Multi-functional Baby Sleep Highchair



Special Features:

1. Multiple-Adjustable Seat – The highchair may be adjusted to nine different levels in order to achieve the optimal seat height. You’ll be able to exactly adjust the height of the highchair and maintain your child at eye level this way.

2. Comfort Recline – The backrest may be adjusted on four levels to match your child’s current developmental stage. The unique feature is that as you adjust the backrest, the angle of the seat adjusts as well.

3. Double Tray – The detachable, dishwasher-safe double tray is ideal for the first meals. It can also function as a little tray for toy storage. The distance between the seat unit and the tray can be increased or decreased as needed.

4. Anatomical Seat – A footrest that can be folded up or adjusted individually provides even more comfort. A five-point safety belt, as well as a safety-centre bar, protect your child from falling out or slipping through.

5. Stop & Go Brake System – The elegant highchair can be moved from one room to another thanks to the twin casters, and you won’t have to hoist your child out of the highchair.